Live painting Keith Haring and Basquiat last night!

I did 2 live paintings last night @DIVA soho and @ Delancey.

It was a tribute to keith Haring at DIVA. Every artists painted about him.
After that painted Jean-Michel Basquiat @Delancey♪

It took 3 hours each one. 32 x 32 inch acrylics on canvas. (any order please contact me.)

Both of them are my favorite artists. I like doing realistic so totally different style from theirs.
Thats why I respect them, their imagination and power!!!!! I love them!

Had so much fun as always and really like both parties. Thank you who is supporting me at those party. I really appreciate! Love you guys♥ 

↓↓↓ This is my painting of Keith Hearing @Diva 

↓↓↓live painting of Basquiat @Delancey

Love those pieces!

↓↓↓other artists @Diva! so many styles! 

昨日はlive painting 2カ所でしました!