Save the world through your art.

Live ART from last night @ sullivan room. Thank you for inviting me PESUくん!

I would love to save the world through art. We can do it! Not only for Japan for all over the world. I believe that we can change the world through art. That's only way to support and help people and other countries as an artist.

I need to do something....

painting/ acrylic on canvas (30x36 inch)  by CHAIN 4/27/2012 

by Amy

by Liz

Pesu x concep

nice collaboration!

Thanks you a lot!



It was first time!

painted Live @DIVA last night. I painted RUN DMC and it has been bought.
It was first time that someone bought my art at live painting. Usually people buy or order my work after they saw my paintings some events! I was surprised but was so happy!

↓↓↓ 3 pieces (14 x 18 inch each one) acrylic on canvas by CHAIN.

He bought my pieces. Thank you very much.

Happy Birthday Christian!!!!
昨日初めてLIVE PAINTINGしてて、その場で絵が売れた!本当に嬉しかったです。いつもは絵を見て後日オーダーしてくれたり、買ってくれたりだけど、その場で売れてビックリしました★でも凄く嬉しい!!! 


Drawing for Nari

drawing for Nari who is my best friend's baby brother. He is leaving NY on Mon. I'm so glad he liked this! see you in Japan or NYC again? lol 

Grab your dream and Live colorfully, NARI


5 x 7.5 inch pencil on paper by CHAIN.


Live painting Keith Haring and Basquiat last night!

I did 2 live paintings last night @DIVA soho and @ Delancey.

It was a tribute to keith Haring at DIVA. Every artists painted about him.
After that painted Jean-Michel Basquiat @Delancey♪

It took 3 hours each one. 32 x 32 inch acrylics on canvas. (any order please contact me.)

Both of them are my favorite artists. I like doing realistic so totally different style from theirs.
Thats why I respect them, their imagination and power!!!!! I love them!

Had so much fun as always and really like both parties. Thank you who is supporting me at those party. I really appreciate! Love you guys♥ 

↓↓↓ This is my painting of Keith Hearing @Diva 

↓↓↓live painting of Basquiat @Delancey

Love those pieces!

↓↓↓other artists @Diva! so many styles! 

昨日はlive painting 2カ所でしました!


Live Painting @ the collage party @ DIVA SOHO

Live painting April 10th @the collage party.
This piece is the best ever in my live paintings!

It was first time to attend to this party. This party is awesome!!!!!
There were about 10 artist to do live painting and so many people came.

DJ was also playing nice music!

It has been for 10 months since I started live painting.
I hope Im improving day by day, littile by little♪  

The girl has a Eustoma. A language of the flower is "HOPE".

Can't wait next week!!!

Live painting を始めてまだ1年もたってないけど、日に日に成長していきたいです♪


↑↑↑24 x 30 inch. acrylics on canvas by CHAIN.


Live painting with PESU @ THE FREEDOM PARTY in NYC


Thank you for coming and supporting us!
We had so much fun at the party♪♪♪



Drawing QUEST LOVE of the ROOTS.

Drew OUESTLOVE of the roots.

Black Thought, Kamal Gray, F. Knukles, Captain Kirk Douglas,
Damon "Tuba Gooding Jr." Bryson and Mark Kelley in his hair. lol

I wanted to give him this artwork last night at LPR in NYC!
 But when I finished Live Art, he already gone!!!
so couldn't make it.... hope I will get the chance in near future! 


18 x 24 inch / pencil on paper / by CHAIN


Drawing all day♬

Can I see him tonight? hope I will!!!

drawing QuestLove♪

Live Painting tonight with PESU.
so exciting!!!

See you tonight !!!


LIVE PAINTING April 6th! special guest QUESTLOVE

Please find some time and stop by on Fri!
I'm gonna paint with artist PESU who I respect! I'm so glad that I have this opportunity.

Thanks PESU-kun!

CHECK his web site>>>>  http://www.pesuart.com/

See you there!!!