Spray painting

Work in progress. Enjoying with mtn94.


Business card

I need to make more business cards.

I love my cards!!!!! Can't wait December!!!!!


Today's show

If you missed my show last month and want to see coolest artists called street savvy. please come today's show.
My art is only boom box wiz Gazoo. Installation by street savvy ( artist; nephilimgiant, legheadloves and thelovechild.)
Thank you all!

@623 broadway in noho,NYC. Free3-7 $15 7-7am.

flywood piece / boom box in wood (plywood) / drawing 2pac and B.I.G. pencil on paper  


Finally moved back to japan.

3years ago, I came to NY where I knew no one.  

Having the introvert personality, it was difficult for me to communicate with other individuals…even to a fellow Japanese.

However, In this past 3years and a half, I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of cool/awesome/fantastic souls.
Best Friends those I spent time with every Saturday, friends who have helped me during my rough times,
people that have supported my art, and many fellow artists who have inspired me through out this time in NY.

Words cannot explain how much I appreciate each and every one of you.
And the only way for me to show this appreciation is by art. Through my pieces. 
Life…is not meant to be lived alone. I, myself, certainly can't. 
I wouldn't be here today if it were not for everyone's support and help. 

Many of you have left a mark on my heart and Now I would like to leave a mark on your heart as an 'artist' in return.
And that mark, Hopefully, even after I leave NY, will remind you of me from time to time that ”Chain was here.".

I won't say good bye…I'll just say, Until we meet again :)

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. 


                                                                                                by CHAIN

Title : CHAIN was HERE self portrait
36" x 36" each piece / 18 pieces connected with CHAIN (total 114" x 231")
acrylic on canvas ( people tagged their name or artwork on it at my show)


だけど、3年半の間沢山の人に出会った。毎週土曜日に会う親友たち、色々辛い時に支えてくれた友人たち、絵をサポートしてくれた人たち、私のart life に刺激を与えてくれた沢山のアーティスト。
Self portraitを初めてかきたいと思った。色んな思い出をおもいだしながら。
Ordinary? Legendary? それは自分じゃなくて相手が決めること。もし少しだけでも私があなたの心に足跡を踏めたとしたら、きっと私がNYを離れても、たまに思い出してくれるとおもう。″CHAIN was HERE″って。




last show in NYC. ZULU NATION x WOTS CREW.

LAST FRIDAY @gramercey theater in NYC. It was last show with wots crew in NYC before I leave.
It was going to be hung up on the wall but zulu nation set up my artwork on the stage.
I was so happy. Happy 38th anniversary  ZULU NATION!!!!!!