Painted for 9.11 and 2pac. Rest in Peace NYC n 2pac.......
We never forget 9.11 and your music  never get old....
acrylic on canvas. Painted by CHAIN.
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Painted live last night @diva. Sold!
The buyer bought it for friend's birthday. It made me so happy:)
Acrylic on canvas / 24x28inch / 09.11.2012 /
painted by chain.
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painted live @ugly kitchen tonight.

Painted live rakim tonight @ugly kichen. Its gonna be displayed for a week.
24x36inch / acrylic on canvas / painted by CHAIN 09/09/2012 

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Painted Live @DJ BOBBY TRENDS n SHO (SABIT NYC)'s B-day Party.

Painted live last 2 weeks. @DIVA, DELANCEY, the new event ZAAAP, UGLY KITCHEN and
DJ BOBBY TRENDS and SHO (owner of SABIT NYC) private Birthday party event.


↓Sho and DJ bobby trends. painted live for them 2 pieces in 4 hours. lol

ART LIFE and group show wiz PRINCE st KING crew.

I spent time a lot last 2 weeks with prince st king crew. Had so much fun and so impressed.

EVERYDAY ART. painting all day!!!!!!

↑He fell asleep while painting lol

midlle of night NO SLEEP!!!!

↑funny drawing

↓↓↓group show wiz prince st king crew in soho.

Body painting by Sidi a.k.a. leghead x Marcus.

I haven't been uploading my blog......

It's from last month. I was a canvas for my favorite artist Sidi and Marcus's photo shooting.