first mural.

Painted on the wall early this week
With prince street king crew. Optimo, sidi a.k.a. legheads, josana blue n me. The Angel is on the stockholm st in brooklyn.
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Thanks Pete Rock!

I just checked it out pete rock's twitter. And he twitted my artwork which is one of piece from my solo show. I'm so happy and appereciate it! Thank you! 
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be ordinary or legendary? -chain was here- is done!

Just 2 days show is done. Thank you for came to support! Like 200 people  visited my show during 2days.  I'm so happy i met lots of people who supported me in nyc.
I really appreciated it.
I will uplode all pictures at show.
See u soon! 
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my solo exhibition.

I had a great opening party last night. Thank you for coming out!
It's just 2 days show. Come to support by 6pm today.
I need your tag on my huge piece.
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MY SOLO SHOW is coming soon.

Here is my show's flyer. If you are in NYC on 21st and 22nd, Please come support!!!!!

Opening reception is 7pm - 9pm on 21st.
2nd day will be opend 12pm-6pm.

some people know I'm leaving for japan next month. So It's kind a farewell party also.

If you share this with your friends, I appreciate it.
Thank you very much!!!!

site 109 / 109 Noefolk street, gland floor, NY 10002

drawing 2pac n Biggiesmalls pencil on paper. 54" boombox frame in wood. 


my legend

Woking so hard. But so much fun to spend time at studio.
Pencil drawing on paper. Biggie smalls n 2pac. For my solo show.
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raps card.

Painted live MTV raps cards. I used to collected those cards.
Acrylic on canvas @ belmont lounge last thursday.
Haven't been uploading this blog.
Because I'm working so hard for my solo show.
It's just 2 days show on 21st and 22nd this month. I'm painting all new stuff for it now. So exciting!
If you are in NYC, please come by and enjoy my show. It's gonna be last my solo show before leaving for japan. I will put on the flyer this week!
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