it was Basquiat week last week.

Aug 12th, it was Basquiat's anniversary. so It was kind his week last week. He is my favorite artist.
His art never get old and still inspires so many artists!!!!!!


I did paint on my nails myself.

Pinted live at the event tribute for him, sold!

drawing Basquiat / pencil on paper.


drawing to my best friend B-day.

Happy Birthday my best friend MAX!!!!! We love you!!!!!



drawing for my friend's B-day.

drew one of my fam. Happy Birthday Ifeanyi! I'm so glad you loved this!!!!!

drawing / pencil on paper by CHAIN.


painting for CD jacket

painted for Risky Dice's new album. It's coming soon in JAPAN. Check it out!!!

18" x 18" / acrylic on canvas.


Live art Andy Warhol

painted live @Diva last night. it was the event that tribute of andy warhol. 08/07/2012

30 x 30 inch / acrylic on canvas by CHAIN


painted live @DIVA last night.

I put my feeling in this painting. I'm leaving for Japan this Nov.
I'm so happy to see a lot of people in NYC in this 3 years and My precious people are waiting for me in Japan. But the other hand I'm so sad I have to leave NY.....

3 months left. gotta do something...... rest of my time....