It was first time!

painted Live @DIVA last night. I painted RUN DMC and it has been bought.
It was first time that someone bought my art at live painting. Usually people buy or order my work after they saw my paintings some events! I was surprised but was so happy!

↓↓↓ 3 pieces (14 x 18 inch each one) acrylic on canvas by CHAIN.

He bought my pieces. Thank you very much.

Happy Birthday Christian!!!!
昨日初めてLIVE PAINTINGしてて、その場で絵が売れた!本当に嬉しかったです。いつもは絵を見て後日オーダーしてくれたり、買ってくれたりだけど、その場で売れてビックリしました★でも凄く嬉しい!!!